Car information.

Unsure what your dashboard lights mean or what tires you should use? Let us help.

Dashboard information.

The dashboard has a dizzying array of lights and warnings we rarely see except when something is wrong. It‘s not a good feeling to see an unfamiliar light when you‘re basking in the still nature of Iceland.
Safety signals
Information signals
Safety signals are an indicator of the health of your vehicle and must not be ignored. These are some of the most common safety symbols.
Check engine
Coolant temperature
Oil pressure
Battery charge alert
Brake alert
Service vehicle soon

Tires in Iceland.

Winter and summer tires are allowed all year round, however studded tires are only allowed during winter. Studded tires increase control and traction in dangerous snowy conditions. The following rules apply:
1 November – 14 April
Studded tires allowed (but not compulsory).
15 April – 31 October
Studded tires prohibited (except if necessary because of driving conditions).
Emergency call number
The Icelandic Road and Coastal Administration

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